Good afternoon to you, rabid gossipers – you know who you are: speculating that the Badge has already dumped his Bachie boo and maybe gotten together with the runner-up Blake Garvey-style.

Here’s the latest of the spilt tea: Dasha Gaivoronski, who did not receive a rose last night, says she reckons Cummins just ain’t ready to settle down.

Gaivoronski told your mates at PEDESTRIAN.TV (that’s us!) that she doesn’t think Nick Cummins is ready for a serious relationship, because he’s too busy focusing on other things.

I don’t think he’s ready for any sort of relationship because it takes a lot of commitment to be present. I really believe that you can’t really focus on two things at once if you want to succeed in both. He’s heavily focused on his career and his whole thing, he’s like travelling the world. Today he is here, tomorrow he is like in a completely different spot. It looks like his lifestyle doesn’t really have any room for a partner.

While she was “tempted to walk away a few times“, Gaivoronski’s definitely sensed some spark in her first date with the Honey Badger, and wanted to explore it further.

I was kinda hanging onto memories [of our first date] so that was the reason I actually stayed. I was just curious to see what’s to come, because I personally saw a lot of potential in there especially after the single date. It kinda fizzled out really quickly after that.

Still, she kinda sensed she was going to leave last night: instead of the jittery, “uneasy, weird feeling” she usually had going into the cocktail party and rose ceremony, she felt “extremely calm“.

I was kinda enjoying my time with the girls, having great times with the girls and Nick as well, because we had a lovely chat. I guess that’s because deep down I knew no matter what the outcome is I will be happy with either, so I was super happy to be going home last night, finally going back to my normal life.

Rather than feeling disappointed she didn’t make it through to hometown visits, Gaivoronski said she was actually relieved she didn’t end up introducing Cummins to her five-year-old son, Leon.

I was quite relieved to be leaving last night to be honest because I was so ready to go home, especially now looking back. I think my time was definitely up last night.

Speaking of introducing Leon to Nick, it’s a tricky one as well, because now I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to do that. Imagine if I did? And I wouldn’t be the last person standing, which I’m not really sure I was ready for to be honest. Deep down I knew that Nick is probably not the guy for me. He’s not the person I want to ultimately be with.

But who does she think is the right girl for the Badge?

It’s really hard to tell because all four girls are amazing. It’s a really tough thing, but if I’m trying to put myself into his shoes, see from his perspective, and if I was him, I would probably go for Brittany.

Taking to Instagram last night, Gaivoronski opened up about her experience on the show, writing that now is a time for “self love ” and that she feels “grateful for this tough yet incredible learning experience“.

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Time to get off this wild roller coaster ???? Leaving with a light heart but 8kg heavier ???? I’ll be honest in saying that I never thought this journey would be so emotionally and physically challenging. For now, it`s time to look within and nurture myself with some much needed self love ✨ I felt quite relieved in that moment and particularly happy to be going home with my best friend @emilydibden ???????? After a few months of being away from loved ones, having no phone/internet, no news coming in, and living and breathing the bachelor world I`ve never been more excited to get back to my normal life. Obviously Nick and myself are at completely different stages of our lives and that`s okay. I now look back and can feel grateful for this tough yet incredible learning experience. This entire journey was personally challenging. However, I believe there is always a silver lining in the toughest of situations. These moments are the best foundation for personal growth. Tough situations change us and turn us into the more resilient humans and teach us to appreciate life’s little moments even more. I couldn’t afford to be sad or down, and I couldn’t dwell on it as I have a little man to raise and he needs me to be both mum, dad and a strong role model in his life ❤️ As they say all the roads we take in life will eventually take us to some really amazing places I`m a firm believer in that ???????? There is a new exciting chapter coming up for both of us and I can`t wait to share it with you ???? @thebachelorau #thebachelorau

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