There is nothing – NOTHING – that enthrals me right now quite like Bachelor Australia gossip. Actually that is not true – Aussie mysteries do, because I’m currently (shameless pluuuuug) working on a podcast with my Editor Josie! About Aussie mysteries and true crime! Come listen! Or listen here!

Okay that’s out of the way. I’M SORRY. I had to do it. Anyway, back to The Bachelor. The gossip – it’s good, mates. It’s real good.

This might be the spiciest goss yet. According to Woman’s Day, it’s Brittany Hockley who wins Nick Cummins‘ heart – only to be dumped as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, because he’s not over his ex.

“Things fell apart soon after the series ended and he refused to “fake it” to appease the network,” an on-set source told Woman’s Day.

Apparently, Nick still had the feels for his Norwegian artist ex, Martine Strøm Thomassen.

“It’s painfully obvious he’s never gotten over his ex, Martine Strøm Thomassen and I don’t think his family have either as they’re still friends on Facebook and Instagram. It was a massive issue for Brit who has nothing to do with her ex,” the source said.

And to make it even more fucked…

“Rumours are doing the rounds he’s hooked up with someone else recently in Perth and Sydney,” another source told Woman’s Day.

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This isn’t the first time this rumour’s surfaced – Daily Mail reckon a production source told them the final relationship was donezo a month ago.

‘The Honey Badger’s relationship is already over. This is obviously not what we wanted,’ they said.

Whatever the truth is, I’ll still be tuning in because WHO BLOODY KNOWS with this show. Cass could win, FFS. At this point, I’ve got no idea.

Source: Woman's Day
Image: Instagram / @ms_thomassen