‘Bachie’ Fave Cass Copped A Gentle Ribbing On ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’

Last night Cass Wood was invited by Have You Been Paying Attention? host Tom Gleisner to pose spesh Bachelor-related questions to the panel, and she copped a light ribbing from the group of professional comedians.

[jwplayer z25Jd4AY]

She awkwardly told Gleisner she was glad she did the series, before being immediately asked by New Zealander Urzila Carlson if she’d seen the Vietnamese incarnation of the dating show – in particular this moment where two contestants dumped the Bachelor in favour of running off together. Had she considered it?

Cue more discomfort from poor Cass, who managed to maintain a toothy grin the entire time.

Sam Pang tried to apologise in advance, asking “You’ve seen the show before, haven’t you?

Dw though, Glenn Robbins saved it by saying: “I don’t normally watch The Bachelor but I have been watching, and Cassie [thumbs up].”

Naturally Gleisner asked what the heck that means: “It means she did a good job. And I kept on watching. And I ‘spose later on we’ll hear about how you were in a relationship [with Badge] before…

Oh no: “Did you see why they called him the Honey Badger?


Wood asked why Dasha Gaivoronski teared up after the final group date, to which Gen Fricker of course replied: “She realised she was on The Bachelor.”

She also had to ask ’em which of her passions she shared with the Badge to kick off her hometown visit, and that quickly turned dirty too. Cue Carlson: “Was it a threesome?” She suggested the third party might be Gaivoronski, then explained herself: “You’re still single, I’m just trying to help.

And finally, the segment seemed to continue forever came to a close, as the panel struggled to figure out what Cummins’ final words to Wood on the show were. It was mostly an opportunity for a few final burns for Cass.

Carlson: “Friend zone, bish.”

Pang: “I hope you understand that if you do come within 100 metres…

After everyone else had given it the question a go, trying to get a funny out, it was time to call out Robbins for maybe not being the devoted viewer he claimed to be: “I went to the toilet at this part,” he said.

Ultimately with plenty of help from Gleisner Fricker figured out the right answer, but god it was a painful watch.