The plot of this year’s Bachelor has thickened significantly, with Cass Wood, aka the one who has already dated Nick Cummins and who stares daggers at the other girls every time they so much as go near him, rocking what appears to be a big honkin’ ring on her engagement finger.

On Friday of this week, Wood was at the University of Woollongong‘s UniBar, attending a gig by her friend, model and DJ Tori Levett, when she was spotted showing off the ring in one of Levett’s Instagram stories (which has since expired or been taken down).

The video pans past Cass as she holds a drink up to the camera, and in screenshots, she can very clearly be seen displaying the ring prominently, with full eye-contact a big, cheeky “look at what I’ve got, ya molls” grin on her face.

Cass Wood has been labelled as the “stage-five clinger” of this year’s Bachelor season, a title she inherited from Jarrod Woodgate after he formed an extremely rapid and intense attachment to Sophie Monk in her season.

This week, when Nick Cummins’ family dropped by the Bachelor mansion for a surprise visit, it was revealed that Cass had also spent some time with his brother, and the pair even went on some sort of surfing holiday to Queensland.

On Thursday night’s episode, Cass was one of several bachelorettes to go on a camping trip with Nick, and was nearly apoplectic when she caught rival Romy sneaking into his swag late at night for what seemed to be a bit of somethin’ somthin’.

Brittany is currently the Bachie front-runner, especially since an incident last week when she made her Facebook private after she was seen interacting with Cummins’ family.

This could just be a ploy to seek attention on Cass’ part, or it could be a larger plot by Channel Ten to turn attention away from Brittany, or Cass might actually be engaged to Nick – who even knows at this point?

We eagerly await whatever comes next.