Here’s Your Latest Spicy ‘Bachie’ Rumour About Who Badge Is Rooting Today

Because there’s 22-odd hours in the day on Wednesday and Thursday that have to be filled while The Bachelor isn’t on, let us sink our teeth into the latest spicy Bachie rumour concerning one Honey Badger and the yearnings of his heart/angle of his dangle.

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Previous rampant speculation swears black and blue that Old Badge has already done the Harold Holt on the woman who is heavily rumoured to walk out of the show as the winner, Brittany Hockley.

What’s even spicier now is the suggestion that not only has that occurred, but that the man born Nick Cummins has pulled a play straight out of the Blake Garvey handbook by almost immediately hooking up with one of the women he summarily No Rose’d out of the show along the way.

The rumour, and we cannot stress rumour highly enough, comes from Woman’s Day (again, rumour) and claims that Nick has almost immediately peace’d his way out of the relationship with Brittany and has instead shacked up with Sophie Tieman, who according to this line of thinking very much did not win the show.

According to the associated scuttlebutt, Sophie and Badge have been holed up together doing god knows what in Nick’s parents house in Sydney, which gives a certain amount of weight to the additional whisper that Sophie recently made the move down to Sydney from Brisbane. The rumour reads thusly:

She was seen staying at Nick’s parent’s house in Sydney. They have a timeshare property and it was a way to see Nick without being spotted. Production have strict rules about being spotted with the contestants once filming wraps and what better way to avoid the paparazzi than the Cummins’ family property.

What does this all mean! What of the remaining Bachelorettes! What becomes of the broken-hearted Brittany! Who will survive and what will be left of them!

Tune in and find out, folks. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.