Zendaya Stans Are Going Full Troppo Over Their First Look At Her In The ‘Dune’ Remake

Zendaya fans have lost their collective minds over her appearance in the upcoming Dune movie, bolstering my personal theory that Stan Twitter will propel the sci-fi juggernaut to unprecedented box office success.

Just after Vanity Fair shared a suite of photos from director Denis Villeneuve‘s production, the actor shared a never-before-seen image of her in the role of Chani, a central player in the grand Dune mythos.

Sporting blue eyes and a gnarly “stillsuit”, Zendaya certainly looks the part of a sandblasted warrior.

It’s a promising look at the upcoming flick, but the imagery is notable for the reaction it has received.

While Dune was first published in 1965 and is widely regarded as a dense and weird slab of nerd lore, Zendaya and the film’s leading man, Timothée Chalamet, bear the distinction of being Stan favourites circa right now.

One of the most beloved sci-fi stories of all time, boosted by 2020 pop-culture icons? It’s a sight to behold. Check out how Twitter has reacted to the recent imagery, and revel in the mighty power of internet fandom:



One intrepid Stan even put the broader Dune cast into a fancam. When a fan feels compelled to combine red carpet footage of Stellan Skarsgård with a Nicki Minaj hit, that’s when you know the hype is real.


Dune will hit cinema screens in December. After seeing the reaction to Zendaya’s character, I am convinced it will make ten billion dollars at the box office.