Zac Efron Has Apparently Ditched His Flight Back To Los Angeles So Please Be Ours Forever

Zac Efron Has Apparently Ditched His Flight Back To Los Angeles So Please Be Ours Forever

Zac Efron has apparently binned his flight back to Los Angeles to continue living up to his recent title of “Byron Bay local”.

According to the Daily Mail – grain of salt, grain of salt, grain of salt – Efron cancelled his scheduled flight back to the City of Angels last week.

“He was only planning to fly home if he had to,” a mysterious source told the publication. “He didn’t really want to go back to America.”


Apparently, Efron only bought the ticket months ago in case his application for a visa extension was denied by the Department of Home Affairs. If all this is true, I guess that wasn’t the case then.

This latest bit of goss comes days after Efron reportedly tried to buy a house in Byron Bay.

As per more mysterious sources close to the Daily Tele, Efron inspected one property in the coastal town but was unfortunately outbid by another buyer.


As much as I would love to see Efron settle Down Under, he will have to head back to the States at some point in the future to film the remake of Three Men And A Baby for Disney+.

Efron’s part in the remake will mark his return to Disney after his breakout role in the High School Musical movies as one Troy Bolton.

The original 1987 film starred Tom SelleckSteve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson as housemates Peter, Michael, and Jack respectively. The three men become instant daddies to Jack’s baby, who is suddenly dropped off at their doorstep.

You can find the original film on Disney+ now.

For what it’s worth, Efron did say that he was “done” with Hollywood during an episode of his new wellness series Down to Earth.

“I gotta get out of Hollywood,” he told wellness guru and co-host Darin Olien. “It’s not a place conducive to living a long, happy, mentally-sound life.”

So hey, maybe Efron will shuttle back and forth between the States and Byron. Here’s hoping, anyway.