Zac Efron Is Reportedly Trying To Buy A House In Byron Bay, So BRB Me Too

zac efron byron bay

IRL Troy Bolton Zac Efron is buying a house in Byron Bay, and in completely unrelated news, I have also decided I am moving to Byron Bay.

He’s been living in the costal town that’s famous for Hemsworths and anti-vaxxers since July, but now it looks like he’s planning on permanently setting up camp here in Australia because he’s looking to buy a house.

According to sources close to the Daily Telegraph, he inspected at least one property in Byron, but was ultimately outbid by another buyer.

Locals have also reported that he’s open about his love of the beachside town and is keen to set up a long-term residence in the northern NSW town.

“He‘s quite open about it … he is in love with Byron Bay, there’s no doubt about that,” a Byron resident told DT.

A permanent move to Byron does make sense for Efron, who has become a sustainable living king following the success of his latest Netflix series Down To Earth.

Hopefully if Zac Efron actually makes the permanent move down under, Australian Netflix might finally give us the gift of Down To Earth With Zac Efron.