SPOILER WARNING: Be sure to have finished You season three before you continue.

What’s up serial killers, serial killettes and members of the Penn Badgley appreciation club? It’s been a long, long year without our fix of Netflix’s You, but with You season four on the horizon, we finally have something to sharpen our axes for.

We’ve stalked every corner of the internet for every piece of info we could find on the upcoming season, from the plot of You season four to when it’s airing to who’s even in the bloody cast (get it?).

Netflix if you’re reading this, release a trailer already, we’re tired of speculating like crazy.

Is there a You season four trailer?

Nope, but we’re patiently waiting for one.

I feel like Netflix will be dropping one soon though, so don’t put down the keys to the glass room just yet.

They did drop this little teaser last year but that doesn’t really count. It sure hyped me up though.

When is You, and more importantly Penn Badgley, coming back?

The writers for You posted that they were back in action on November 10, 2021.

A storm is brewing in that writers’ room and I cannot wait to see what kind of lightning they cook up.

Netflix revealed on March 23 that You season four had started production.

Considering the show needs a bit of time to film and edit everything, we can probably expect to see the fourth season of the show at the end of 2022 or even at the beginning of 2023.

If the show does come out during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday at least we’ll be able to binge it while on break. Here’s hoping the rumours are true.

Where is You season four being filmed?

Although season three finished up in Paris, the show will actually be filmed in London. I guess they aren’t too far from each other, so makes sense.

“To be real, it’s cheaper,” Badgley told Entertainment Tonight.

“The tone is similar but it’s shifting in that there is a different format.

“It’s almost like we’re shifting the genre slightly. And I think it works.”

We also know that Marianne (Tati Gabrielle) will be returning as she’s been seen filming in London with the You crew.

I wonder how they’ll explain her character ending up in London as well. Much to think about, I guess.

“There’s also some other familiar faces which I think I can [say],” said Badgley.

Who is in season four?

Thanks to Netflix we have a bit of insight as to who will be in season four.

As we know, most characters we’ve been introduced to in the past have eventually been murdered, but there’s a whole smorgasbord of new faces to meet.

Obviously Penn Badgley will be playing Joe Goldberg again, but here’s some new characters we already know about:

Lukas Gage (White Lotus, Euphoria) will be joining the gang as Adam, who Netflix describes as “an ex-pat American, the youngest son of a wealthy East-Coast magnate.”

“An entrepreneur and a gambler, Adam is a warm and funny party host and fast friend. But underneath, Adam is hiding a trove of secrets and papering over problems with heavy self-medication.”

I feel like Gage is being typecast as someone who gets beat up/drugged up in television and I hope he doesn’t suffer too much in You. Poor guy.

Tilly Keeper will be joining the crew as Lady Phoebe, a “chaotic” celebrity. No idea what that means, but keen to find out.

She’ll be playing Gage’s gf.

“An aristocratic socialite with an avid fan base, Phoebe’s true colours show when she’s alone with her friends,” wrote Netflix in a press release.

“She’s a steadfast cheerleader, especially to her American entrepreneur boyfriend, Adam. She’s also a wild card: when misfortune strikes, will she rise to the occasion or shatter?”

Ed Speleers (FROM FKN ERAGON) will be winning over our hearts as successful author who launched a political career and hangs in the same circles as Tilly and Adam.

According to Netflix, he “lived a traumatic early life before he came into money, going to Oxford and making all the right friends.”

“Now, he moves easily in any social circle while also seeing through those around him. He doesn’t have much time for partying, though he enjoys staying in touch with his eccentric circle of friends. After all, they were there for him in his troubled youth.”

The cogs in my brain are already rotating like crazy.

And finally, Amy Leigh Hickman will be playing Nadia in You season four, a literature major who has big dreams of becoming an author.

Netflix say her “outspokenness and intensity are the perfect cover for the insecurities carried by a young woman who’s never been accepted by her peer group.”

“She’s made some big mistakes; now, they threaten to destroy her life. She’ll need help, even if it’s from the wrong people.”

Sounds like Joe is going to be hanging in weird London literature/socialite circles this season.

What is You season four about?

Unfortunately we don’t have much information about what is going to happen in the next season, but we do have some scraps of details to go off.

You showrunner Sera Gamble told Variety that she’s been heads down in the novels the show is based off, getting a whole bunch of ideas.

“Reading Caroline’s novel, Greg [Berlanti] and I were instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his twisted worldview,” she said.

“It’s been thrilling to watch Penn bring Joe to creepy yet compelling life. We’re deeply grateful that Netflix has shown You such monumental support and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really get it all very wrong over the past three seasons.

“The whole You team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in Season four.”

Will Victoria Pedretti return?

In an interview with Newsweek, Gamble confirmed that Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) is dead and gone.

“She is lying there [dead]. I’m not trying to be ‘was there a parachute under that seat in the airplane?’ She is [dead].”

Basically, no gimmicks here. No secret escape route from the house on fire. No super-poison antidote under her toenail or anything. Love Quinn will not be returning.

What about Love and Joe’s child?

Speaking with E! News, Gamble confirmed that Joe’s child won’t just be forgotten about in You season four.

“That’s going to be an ongoing conversation, because no, you can’t pretend something that huge about a character didn’t happen,” said Gamble.

“I think it will shape him from this moment forward. And even his exact plan of when and if he would return for his son is something that we will … come together and talk about for hours and hours and hours between snacks.”

Will Cardi B make an appearance in You season four?

It’s no mystery to anyone who is a fan of Cardi B or You that the rapper is simply obsessed with the show (and Penn Badgley of course).

I mean, she even tweeted an idea to Netflix about what she could be doing in the new season.

However according to Penn Badgley himself, the team were “trying to make something happen” but it fell through.

Maybe Cardi can show up in season five?

Image: Netflix