‘You’ Season 3 Has Been Confirmed But You Already Knew That, Didn’t You

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

‘You’, the Netflix series giving an entire generation some confusing feelings about a confirmed psychopath, is confirmed to be coming back for a third season.


Season 2 of ‘You’ left us with Joe Goldberg (a truly psychotic Penn Badgley) peering through the fence at his neighbour and returning to his old stalker ways – never mind that his equally psychotic girlfriend Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was pregnant with their unfortunate child.

Plenty of people have theorised the woman next door is Joe’s long-lost mum, who abandoned Joe as a kid. We’ll just have to wait and find out, but who knows how long for; Netflix hasn’t given us a release date yet.

Badgley has defended fans for thirsting over his character, despite Joe Goldberg being a stalker serial killer with a growing body count and really, really misaligned ideas about how much you can hide under a baseball cap.

“It’s not entirely fair to put that on the viewer, because we’re purposefully creating a device that is meant to be provocative, hopefully thought-provoking, and not just titillating,” Badgley said during an appearance on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’.

He was responding to Stephen Colbert‘s question, “Do you have anything to say to the people out there that say they want to date Joe, despite the minor flaw of murdering people?”

“It’s not a clinical portrayal of a serial killer,” Badgley said.

“I think it’s intended to function as a social commentary.”