Critics Are Ripping Apart The New Emily Blunt Rom-Com For ‘The Most Batshit Ending In History’

Wild Mountain Thyme Emily Blunt

Alright before we get into this turbo fuckery, I simply must say, if you have any intention of watching Wild Mountain Thyme, we will be discussing some HEAVY spoilers, so brace yourself. Keep in mind though, these spoilers are why everyone is losing their minds, so you might want to stay around for the chaos.

Emily Blunt. Jamie Dornan. Throw them in Ireland and give them bad Irish accents. Hell lets even throw in Christopher Walken and give him a similarly bad Irish accent. Make them all farmers. Sounds like a good time so far.

Okay, now let’s make Emily Blunt wildly in love with her mysterious neighbour Dornan. Sounds hot, sounds romantic, sounds serendipitous. But Dornan doesn’t reciprocate the love at all. Sounds dangerous, sounds aloof, sounds like we’ve got ourselves a main conflict of interest to drive the story.

On top of this, Dornan has inherited a family curse, and as the description for the movie reads, has been stung by his father’s plans to sell the family farm. Seems like your typical Wuthering Heights-esque story. So why is everyone going insane over the ending to this movie?

Well, PLOT TWIST SPOILERS, Jamie Dornan genuinely thinks he is a honey bee. No metaphor, no joke, no comedic punchline. That’s the revelation as to why he doesn’t love Blunt back. He simply cannot, for he doesn’t believe he is a human. I’m crying, and I’m sure you are too.

Just… watch.

Naturally, the internet is losing its collective minds. There have been a lot of comparisons to Bee Movie of course, and others just wondering what the fuck is going on here.

I too am now curious as to why Dornan thinks he is a bee? It doesn’t change anything in the story either which is the wildest part.

If you need me, I will also be pretending that I am a honey bee until further notice.