Jamie Dornan Replaces Charlie Hunnam As ’50 Shades’ Lead

The impending 50 Shades Of Grey big screen adaptation has found a new male lead with Northern Irish hunk lord Jamie Dornan who will replace English hunk lord Charlie Hunnam in the role of Christian Grey, after Hunnam’s departure earlier this month.

US showbiz rag Variety is reporting that the former Calvin Klein underwear model has been “tapped” to play the enigmatic billionaire with an aversion to lip-biting opposite American actress Dakota Johnson who is locked in to play ingenue orgasm machine, Anastasia Steele, in the movie.

Dornan has recently been seen in the excellent and criminally under-seen British procedural The Fall doing a fantastic job at playing a multidimensional sexy creep – so the Christian Grey role shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

The movie is expected to drop in cinemas on 1 August, 2014, at which point I will go to the cinema with the specific purpose of shamelessly objectifying this dude. Who’s the creep now?