Kim K Revealed Why She Split From Pete Davidson & It’s Actually Pretty Heartbreaking

kim kardashian pete davidson

The first episode of The Kardashians Season Three has landed and in it, main character Kim Kardashian addresses why she and Pete Davidson called it quits back in August last year.

During the season three premiere, The Kardashians side character Scott Disick asks Kim what we’ve all wanted to know for months now: How did she deal with the Pete Davidson break-up?

For the most part, we the normal people haven’t heard anything from Kim OR Pete about the relationship’s end, so it’s nice to get a little bit of closure. I mean, they really don’t owe us any kind of clarity on the situation, but it’s definitely interesting now that we’ve got some.

“Breakups are just like, not my thing,” said Kim.

“I’m proud of myself. We just had talks and talks.

“Like, we had been talking about [breaking up] so it was just like, both of us communicating really well about it. It’s obviously sad.”

Kim also revealed on the ep that her ex-husband Kanye West played a part in the relationship’s slow demise. Let’s not forget the rapper made Pete’s life a living hell while he was dating Kim.

“There was like, a lot of guilt,” she said.

“He went through a lot because of my relationship [with Kanye].”

She also reflected on whether or not she’ll find the right guy in the future, saying she isn’t really into random hookups.

“I go back and forth in my feelings sometimes,” she said.

“Like, ugh. Who’s ever gonna want to date me? I have four kids, I’m in my forties. Like, oh my god. Who’s gonna want to deal with the [drama]?”

“But my person will be like, ‘Fuck all that. Like, it’s gonna be hard but we’re together and we’re gonna do this.’ So I’m just waiting for that person.”

Honestly, although Kim K is super famous and successful, I reckon it would actually be very hard for her to find a genuine connection with someone. Everyone thinks they know everything about her, but who is willing to endure all the pitfalls of fame alongside her?

I hope Kim K finds the right person for her when she’s ready. It’s what she deserves goddammit.

(Image: Getty Images / Gotham).