Ouch: It Turns Out Pete Davidson Is The One Who Dumped Kim K & His Reason Was Savage As Fuck

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson breaking up after nine months was a shock to some but not to others.

Me? I just want to know who did the dumping and why.

And despite previous reports claiming that it was Kim Kardashian who dumped Pete, almighty goss guru Deuxmoi has just reported that it was actually Pete who called it off.

An anonymous but credible source wrote in to the popular IG page with some tea on what led to the demise of their relationship and Deux shared it on the latest ep of her podcast.

Surprise, surprise: apparently he got sick of the reality TV fakeness.

“The word is that Pete did the dumping and he’s actually been trying to end it for a little while now,” the source said.

“He never thought it would be a super long-term ultra serious thing and was getting irritated with Kris [Jenner’s] spin making it seem like they were soul mates.

“He tried ending it a few weeks ago, then Kris sent Kim down to Australia to keep up appearances for the sake of the show which he really didn’t like and felt was so forced and contrived.”

They added that “the final straw was his appearance in the Season 2 trailer [of The Kardashians] which he didn’t expect to get used again and again and he was irritated that it makes their romance seem like the centrepiece of Season 2 when in fact he’s barely on camera because he refused to be on camera.”

They said he also “hated that the trailer made him seem like a lovesick horndog.”

“People in general don’t seem to realise that he’s actually quite ruthless in relationships and is almost always the one who does the dumping,” they said.

Shortly after the breakup news went live, someone claiming to be related to an employee at Hulu, the network that houses The Kardashians, told Deuxmoi that Kim’s trip to Australia was purely for the show.

“She shared that Kardashian producers are scrambling to keep the Kim and Pete romance alive until season two is finished airing,” they said.

According to the insider, production didn’t get enough content for the show when Kim visited Pete in June, so Kim took another trip to see him.

“[The trip] was assumed to reignite their feelings and get some sexy moments between the two but it was obvious to everyone there’s only tension,” they continued.

Apparently the two had hardly spoken “in weeks” and Pete was “annoyed” by Kim’s attempts to flirt in Queensland. Yikes.

There’s a heap of other intel plus some spicy theories so I recommend you suss it out at your earliest convenience.

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