Fans Reckon Kim K & Pete Davidson Are Sneakily Rooting Bc Of A Tiny Detail In Her IG Story

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson back together rumours

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson may still be hooking up, according to eagle-eyed fans. Honestly at this point I’d believe anything.

The two broke up in August to much disappointment from fans because let’s be real: even I, as a Kardashian-hater, could admit they were fun AF to read about. I adore an opposites-attract romance and these two were like a 2015 Wattpad story come true.

It appears though that our disappointment could be no longer, because the two might be back together — or at the very least, rooting.

Kim shared a series of posts on Instagram last week during her birthday celebrations, one of which has raised eyebrows among her eagle-eyed fans.

In the Instagram story, Kim snapped four bouquets of pink and white roses she received which were placed next to a ‘Jasmin’ candle.

roses and candle on a Kim Kardashian IG Story that fans think was sent by Pete Davidson
What do I have to do for a man to send me four bouquets and a candle?? Sell my soul??? Image source: Instagram @kimkardashian

To normal people like you or I, this may seem innocuous. Her chronically online fans, however, were quick to draw the connection that Pete and Kim often referred to each other as Aladdin and Jasmine because of the SNL skit they performed together as the Disney couple. Could these flowers be from Pete, perhaps?

Sure, this seems like wishful thinking. But paired with a report by The Sun on Friday that claimed Kim was apparently seen sneaking around with Pete and sharing a hotel room with him after NYC Fashion Week, well, it certainly looks like something is going on.

An E! News report from Monday also claimed the two have “remained in contact” after their very amicable break-up.

According to Kim Kardashian’s sources/team, she broke up with him because of their age gap and his huge romantic gestures.

Pete Davidson’s sources/team reckon that actually, he’s the one who dumped her because of the constant drama that comes with dating a Kardashian.

It’s worth noting that none of these reasons would stop the two from just hooking up. Aaaaand it’s Scorpio season, meaning it’s a time of sex, sneaking around and mystery, according to our in-house astrologer.

However, it’s possible the Kim/Pete comeback has actually been manufactured by Kris Jenner to pivot the public’s attention away from Kanye‘s bigoted meltdown. Or to distract us from rumours Travis Scott cheats on Kylie Jenner “every night”.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of Kim and Pete’s relationship and the unhinged tea around it, though, I hope — for the sake of drama — that they’re back together.