Kylie Jenner has a responded to a model who accused her of bullying in a TikTok video.

Victoria Vanna, who starred in a music video for Kylie Jenner’s ex, Tyga in 2015, claims that the incident occurred while filming the ‘Ice Cream Man’ vid.

“As soon as I walk out, she’s looking at me up and down, whispering and pointing and making fun of how I was dancing,” Vanna claimed in the video.

The model said she was so upset by Kylie Jenner that she started “Full-on crying” and had to go outside.

“So I go outside, and Kylie and all of her friends came outside, too. And they went to her Rolls-Royce. I remember it was a white Rolls-Royce in the parking lot. It was almost like they were following me. And they were all in there eating McDonald’s,” she said. “And then I was walking by, and I could just hear them, like, inside, they were literally pointing and laughing at me. And then I walk outside, and they’re literally still talking about me.”


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She added that she was so excited to meet the makeup mogul, only to be embarrassed and felt her “face get hot” and was “bullied for no reason.”

Vanna alleged that Tyga’s entourage helped comfort her by telling her that Jenner was “just intimidated” and a “bitch to everyone.”

Kylie Jenner has since responded to the accusation on social media, writing: “This never happened.”

Kylie Jenner wrote her denial on a viral post by The Shade Room’s Instagram, which had nearly 2 million views.

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