Kylie Jenner has been called out for looking rather unenthused in a TikTok with a gal at her Kylie Cosmetics event.

The reality star was celebrating the launch of her new Lip Kits collection at Ulta Beauty earlier this week when LA-based producer Alexa May Rhodes asked her for a selfie.

Someone else was filming the interaction from afar and as you’ll see in the below TikTok, Jenner wasn’t quite as friendly as you’d expect her to be at the launch of her own damn product:


Interviewed the one and only @kyliejenner tonight what a time 💓 thank you @saratiktan @refinery29 for the fun opportunity! #ultabeauty #losangeles #refinery29 #lipgloss #kyliecosmetics #launch #kyliejenner #foryou #4u #fyp

♬ BIG MAD – Ktlyn

The comments section quickly became flooded with folks calling Kylie on her unamused expression and apparent unfriendliness.

“She didn’t look happy at all,” one user commented.

“no hug, a smile or even a word? Naaaaaa,” another wrote.

“You can tell how much love she has for her fans,” someone else added.

“She didn’t even look at her or acknowledge her…” another person wrote.

The thing is though, as you’ll notice from the TikTok caption, Alexa May Rhodes is a producer for Refinery29 who interviewed Jenner at the event. So it’s possible that the pair chatted before and maybe even after that vid was taken.

Still, as another TikTok user pointed out, these people are Jenner’s “support system,” so a bit more enthusiasm wouldn’t have gone astray.

“No actual engagement. What a shame. I’d be trying to ‘win’ everyone over,” they wrote.

“These people are literally their support system. What a missed opportunity.”

I’m sure there was a lot going on and Jenner was just overwhelmed.

It’s hard to get a full account of what happened from just that short clip, although I do agree that it does look rather awks.

Not Avril Lavigne meet-and-greet awks, but not too far off that.

Kylie Jenner has yet to comment on the negative reactions.