Kylie Jenner’s Kloset Has Marble-Look Tiles, Aisles & A Chandelier Meanwhile Mine Just Has Mould

Kylie Jenner's huge closet or wardrobe next to the squinting woman meme

Kylie Jenner has revealed her enormous shopping centre-looking closet on TikTok in case you need a reminder that she is, in fact, part of the one per cent we will eat in the revolution.

In a TikTok video that has left me with vertigo, Kylie lamented losing her “Get Ready With Me” video for her fans so asked for their advice on choosing a handbag instead — while standing in her closet.

Normally this would conjure imagery of a small, slightly cramped room with clothes hanging on the back wall. Not for Kylie though.

The reality star, who has a net worth of more than AUD$1 billion, has a closet that looks like a warehouse — complete with fluorescent lights, glass panels and rows upon rows of products that remind me of strolling through IKEA.


♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

As Kylie tried on handbags, there were shoes of every colour and style (I’m talking literally hundreds) behind her. Plus dozens of handbags. And that’s just the stuff we can see.

Later in the video, Kylie records herself from a different angle — making visible just how massive the space is. Like, her “closet” is easily bigger than some people’s entire apartments.

In the second shot, you can see more rows of jackets, blouses and shirts, as well as boots, heels and what appears to be a chest of drawers acting as an island. Above Kylie are mirrors and what looks like some fancy chandeliers. Plus, she’s posing so we know there’s a mirror in front of her too.

Oh, and there’s a whole stand of sunglasses.

Kylie Jenner's massive closet / wardrobe
There’s more stock in this wardrobe than in my local Cotton On. Image Source: TikTok @kyliejenner

People on TikTok were impressed, but in a “holy shit how is this real” way.

“There’s elevator music in her closet,” one user pointed out.

“It’s a fact that there is an echo,” another said.

“The echo in this room… calling me so poor lol,” another reiterated.

Several people said they were convinced Kylie was in a mall.

“The fact that this is not a store is confusing me,”  one person wrote.

“What’s in aisle 5?” another joked.

Oh yeah, I have to mention that her floor looked like marble-style slate. Kill me now.

Some also slammed Kylie for her massive wealth, with one scathing comment saying: “None of us can relate.”

Friendly reminder this is the same Kylie Jenner who was dragged after she chose to travel via a private jet instead of a car to shorten her commute by… 17 minutes. Relatability is not her strong suit, and that’s not even a defence of her. It’s a fact. Kylie Jenner and her closet are a spectacle we can’t stop staring at because it’s so fkn absurdly out of our orbit.

Like, this level of wealth? Incomprehensible, especially in our current climate.