Watch A US Marching Band Belt Out The Theme From ‘The Office’ At 500dB

One aspect sorely missing from the pantheon of Australian sports: Marching bands. Big, fuck-off marching bands with a population the size of a small Caribbean island. The kind so loud they could bring down low-flying aircraft. Ones that move in complete unison like a swarming flock of starlings. Hell yeah.

[jwplayer 2B7AX07V]

Case in point, the Louisiana State University‘s marching band had themselves a sick one at half time of the college’s football game against Miami, busting out TV tunes and marching in such robotic formation that you’d think their bandleader was a legitimate wizard.

The group belted out the iconic theme tune to The Office – the US version, naturally – complete with a military-precise of the show’s instantly recognisable typeface.

It’s good gear, mates. It’s real, real good gear.

And because one good turn deserves another, the band then whirled around and dropped the Parks & Recreation theme song as well, because the two shows simply go hand-in-hand.

Imagine copping that at halftime at the footy here. You’d deadset shit yourself you’d be so fired up. It’s incredible stuff.

Obviously it had an impact on the band’s team as well, because they emerged after the band’s half time show and casually rattled off a 33-17 win.

‘Course that could also be due to the fact that the team was taught the B.O.B.O.D.D.Y. principles as well.


Both acronyms. Both made up. And neither with any known meaning. There is simply no way to find out.