WATCH: Trump Can’t Hide His Disdain For Marching Band Playing Daft Punk

You know that face your little brother used to make at school assembly? Like he’d be sitting next to your mum, and there’d be some avant garde drama piece happening on stage, but he’d cross his arms, put on his best pout and sulk through until it was over and your mum offered him “something nice”?

That’s Trump‘s face as a French marching band perform a Daft Punk medley – and no one gives him a chocolate bar at the end. 

The band played a medley of ‘Get Lucky‘; ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger‘; and ‘One More Time‘, much to President Emmanuel Macron‘s delight, other punters happily clapping out of time or having a little chair boogie. All the while Trump sat there glowering with his arms folded, and his hair wafting in the wind. 
The marching band’s performance was for Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, and also included more traditional classical pieces. 
The Daft Punk medley though? Actually very impressive, and a genius celebration of local music. I would pay at least a few bucks to watch them take on more of the electronic duo’s hits. 

Source & Photo: The Guardian