Here’s A Supercut Featuring One Second From Every Episode Of ‘The Office’

Whispers that NBC is pursuing a revival of The Office continue to persist, much to the consternation of fans.

[jwplayer 9EU2Mpb5]

On the one hand, hell yeah new episodes of The Office are always going to wind up being better than just about anything else on TV. But on the other hand, the series got nine seasons, lost a significant amount of steam after Steve Carell‘s anchoring Michael Scott left, and gathered itself back together in time to give the show what might’ve been one of the most perfect and apt series finales in US sitcom history.

So while you to and fro about whether you’re for or against a potential revival (which will probably wind up happening whether you like it or not), here’s a neat little reminder of just how sensationally great the show really was.

A YouTube genius has stitched together one second from each and every episode of the show, and thrown them all into the one supercut.

That’s all 201 episodes in 201 seconds, give or take.

It’s a joyous ride through the whole shebang, and includes some of the best jokes the series ever managed to put to air. Obviously limiting it to just one second per episode means your favourite joke is likely skipped over. However there’s enough in here to fire up the engines for another full rewatch. We’re talking B.O.B.O.D.D.Y., stapler in jello, hardcore parkour, and hell yes “Where are the turtles” is in there.

Folks, it’s the good gear. The real, real, real good gear. Do yourselves a favour.

If you’re interested, and you should be, all 9 seasons of The Office are available right this very second via the blessed folk over at Stan. Get amongst it.