‘The Office’ Is Gonna Cop A Revival In 2018 & That Is What She Said

Tis the season to revive all your long lost favourite shows, according to NBC. The US peacock TV station has seen what’s possible by reviving old, long-dormant series this year with their wildly successful re-launch of Will & Grace. And now they’re apparently keen to keep that train a-rollin’ all the way to Scranton, Pennsylvania by breathing new life into The Office.

The US adaptation of the UK series (inarguably the most successful UK to US transplantation, mostly because it quickly abandoned any attempt to be the same show as the OG) ran for 9 seasons between 2005 and 2013. But if NBC bosses have their way, the show will be back up and kicking sometime quite soon. Just not with perennial favourite Michael Scott, is all.

Steve Carell‘s bumbling manager Scott was the cornerstone of the show through its first seven seasons, with the show kinda rudderlessly flailing through the next one-and-a-half before magnificently pulling itself together for the final run of episodes in the back half of season nine.

Carell, however, will not be returning in any potential revival of The Office, with a search reportedly underway for a new regional manager of Dunder Mifflin.

As for the rest of the cast, reports state that producers and executives at NBC are eyeing a mix of old and new talent. The show quite famously made household names out of the likes of John KrasinskiJenna FischerMindy KalingCraig RobinsonRainn WilsonEd Helms and Ellie Kemper. Whether any number of those choose to return to a potential new series remains to be seen; at the end of the show’s run Krasinski and Fischer’s Jim and Pam Halpert had left Dunder Mifflin, as had Robinson, Kaling, and Helms’ characters.

Earlier reports have suggested that the show’s creator Greg Daniels is on board for the revival, which is being eyed for a late 2018 premiere on NBC.

The revived Will & Grace series was a commercial and critical success, culminating in several Golden Globe nominations last week. It’s already been renewed for another season in 2018.