The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Had A Cute Reunion & But A Few Were Dunder Missin’

Whether or not The Office gets a fully-fledged reboot or revival up off the ground is anyone’s guess at this stage, but the teasing continues thanks to a string of public cast reunions. First, Steve Carell‘s SNL efforts were interrupted by members of the cast, and now Jenna Fischer has gathered the gang together to recreate a classic photo from the OG series.

[jwplayer x4Q6C1lV]

Fischer posted the photo of a cast reunion that got a whole mess of the old gang back together for what looks like a powerfully cute little brunch/meeting of the Finer Things Club.

Firstly: Creed still lives and is seemingly out of jail, presumably not via legal means. Secondly: Despite the full head of hair, Stanley still seems about as enthused as he ever was. And lastly, someone get Toby the hell outta there immediately.

Fischer also pointed out that the cast, along with The Office developer Greg Daniels, were attempting to re-create a promo shot from the show, but in the process managed to identify the big missing names.

No Steve Carell, no Ellie Kemper, no John Krasinski, or BJ Novak, or Mindy Kaling, or Craig Robinson, or even Kate Flannery.

But still, that’s a bloody solid lineup right there. More than enough to fill out a few new episodes of The Office. Y’know, if they so wish.