Cop The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ From Emo King Gerard Way

With the world going absolutely boonta for anything to do with an adapted comic book, you could certainly do a hell of a lot worse than froth the upcoming release of Netflix‘s adaptation of the hugely popular series The Umbrella Academy, and the trailer which landed earlier today is absolute proof of that.

The massive popular series comes from the mind of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, meaning it’s stacked to the gills with various peak-emo era iconography, themes, and visuals. But despite that – or perhaps because of it – it still looks like a kickass time to be quite honest.

The series follows six gifted children, from a batch of 43 who were born on the same day to mothers who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before, who were adopted and trained by an eccentric billionaire. Following his death, the estranged siblings reunite to investigate a mystery surrounding his death, as well as attempt to stave off a looming apocalypse.

Sound like your idea of a good time? Cop the trailer below.

Yes, your ears are right. That is Gerard Way singing a weird version of Hazy Shade of Winter. How the hell about it.

The cast sports a particularly stacked array of talent, including Ellen PageMary J. BligeCameron BrittonTom Hopper, and David Casteñada.

The Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on February 15.