There’s Going To Be A Fabulous 4-Part ‘Queer Eye’ Special Set In Japan

Kevin Winter

The Queer Eye angels are in Japan, baby!

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Queer Eye: We’re In Japan! is a four-episode special that will feature four Japanese heroes – both men and women – from different backgrounds and cultures, Deadline reports.

Interior design expert Bobby Berk, grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, culture expert Karamo Brown, fashion expert Tan France, and food and wine expert Antoni Porowski will work with local tastemakers to improve the lives of their heroes all while embracing a whole new culture.

If you’re in the mood for a stalk, I highly recommend heading over to the individual Instagrams of the Fab Five because they’re filming the special right now

Check out Bobby’s Instagram Story for a whole lot of Japan.

“Feelin kinda zen,” the design god shared on Insta.

Tan also appears to be enjoying himself.

“Been in Japan less than 24 hours and already consumed the equivalent of my body weight in pastries,” he captioned his post.

In some more delightful news, we also have Queer Eye season three coming up. In this season, the Queer Eye crew will be leaving the Fab Five HQ in Georgia for Kansas City. 

A little time ago, while Tan was giving comedian Hasan Minaj a makeover, the fashion expert described the upcoming season as: “Everything that you would have liked in season one and season two but amplified. It really is so good, they get me every week, those heroes get me every week.” 

“We had our first lesbian on the show this year, and she’s formidable and what we do with her – I think you will love.” 


While we wait for Queer Eye season three and Queer Eye: We’re In Japan! to hit the streaming giant, you can relive the wholesome goodness of seasons one and two on Netflix now.

Or, you can watch Hasan reject about 99 per cent of Tan’s fashion advice, below.