Did Travis Kelce’s Mum Shade Taylor In A Spicy New Interview? Here’s Why It’s Not Black & White

Donna kelce, travis kelce's mum comments on meeting taylor swift

Donna Kelce, the mother of Taylor Swift‘s newest love interest, NFL player Travis Kelce has spilled many a bean on NBC’s Today show. Surprisingly, some of the beans were a little spicier than we expected… or were they?

The clip that has been doing the largest rounds on the internet, sees the show’s hosts asking Donna what it was like hanging out with the pop star.

“What was she like?” queried one of the hosts. “You got to know her a little bit. How was it?”

“It was okay,” replied Donna.


Unsurprisingly, some publications spun this into a super negative angle.

However, there could be multiple interpretations of this response.

To the untrained eye, the obvious one would be that Donna despises Taylor. Doesn’t froth her at all. No deal from Donna.

However, there are a couple of more likely explanations for this seemingly cold response.

The first is that Donna is not properly media-trained.

She’s been thrust into the spotlight and has had to learn very quickly to speak a language politicians and pop stars have been speaking for years.

That is, staying on message and saying what you want to say regardless of the question you’re being asked.

The question she was responding to also wasn’t posed clearly.

I mean, “What was she like? You got to know her a little bit. How was it?” is literally two questions in one.

If Donna were more experienced in dealing with media she would have known to signpost which question she was answering, instead of risking misinterpretation.

Responding to “how was it”, with the phrase “it was okay” sounds a bit shady verbatim. That much is clear.

But when you contextualise it with Donna’s previous comments about the media firestorm she’s had to endure since being sat next to Taylor as a regular citizen, it makes a whole lot more sense.

“It’s another thing that’s amped up my life,” the 70-year-old said later in the interview.

“I don’t like to talk about it. It’s just one of those things where everyone saw me.”

“It was okay” now becomes more of a comment on the entire experience, warts and all, rather than just Taylor herself.

Another potential explanation is that Donna is just being a mum. She’s being protective of her son and just wants the best for him.

She is witnessing in real time how the media have accelerated her son’s new romance to get a grabby headline (PEDESTRIAN.TV is not immune to this, we’ll admit).

Why wouldn’t you keep your cards held close to your chest in a situation like that?


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Header image: David Eulitt/Getty Images & Today via YouTube