Deuxmoi Has Reason To Believe Taylor Swift Is Dropping A Surprise Album Soon & Here’s The Intel

Babe, wake up!!!!! Rumour has it that Taylor Swift is dropping a surprise album very, very soon and I do need to calm down!

Naturally, the tip-off came from Deuxmoi, who has more sources than a fridge door. (Sauces-sources, ya get it? Stay with me.)

The insider wrote to the gossip guru and claimed that an “A-list singer” has been working on new music for a while now and is expected to drop the tunes as soon as next month.

“They have one brand new album completely recorded, and two more albums in progress. New album is expected in November as a completely surprise release.

“Probably announced during their ongoing tour,” they concluded.

Absolutely HUGE if true.

(Image Source: Deuxmoi / Instagram )

It wouldn’t be the first time that pop music’s golden girl surprised us with an album, either. Back in 2020, she released Folklore on the fly by announcing that she was dropping the album at midnight that night. Fans went berzerk. The Swifties only had hours to prepare. It was bedlam.

It was a different sound than what we’d heard from our gal but no one gave a fuck. The more Taylor the better.

Then, she surprised us all again and released Evermore, which was an extension of that folky, I-enjoy-spending-time-in-the-woods sound. Miss Swift even described it as “Folklore‘s sister album”, which I think is so cute.

Taylor Swift surprise album
There’s so much scheming going on in that beautiful mind. (Image Source: Getty Images / Noam Galai)

So, with this piping hot tea, is Taylor up to her sneaky-yet-delightful ways again?

Maybe all of this hullabaloo about a romance with Travis Kelce is to distract us while she’s hustling away getting shit done.

If this album rumour is true, which I think we all hope it is, I will be gobsmacked.

Taylor is a true professional but if this legit it means girlie pop has been touring the world, performing the Eras Tour show for three hours multiple times a week, scribbling down songs, producing albums and gearing up for another round of Easter egging her fans with cryptic clues.

That’s fkn exhausting!

Fingers crossed that a surprise album is coming, and so is a much-needed break for Taylor. We’ll keep you posted with any updates or new info.