There Are Fresh Engagement Rumours About Joe Alwyn And Taylor Swift So Prep For An Album Drop

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are reportedly engaged, so whip out your limited edition Lover vinyl and grab some prosecco.

I hope Jake Gyllenhaal is weeping into that stolen scarf right about now.

The fresh engagement rumours come from Life & Style. According to the publication “multiple sources” have confirmed the engagement. Mysterious!

Joe and Taylor have been together since 2016, when they reportedly met at the Met Gala. The clue’s in the name, I guess.

They went on a three-day holiday to Cornwall in the UK back in January and that’s when engagement rumours first started swirling.

It would be very on brand for Taylor Swift to reveal she’s engaged by dropping loads of easter eggs about it on Insta. My post notifications are officially switched on.

Give me the up-close shot of a wedding dress with some contextless lyrics! Give me a surprise woodvale drop with a song called “Proposal”! Give me candid shots of Taylor Swift wearing a unique-but-timeless engagement ring on the set of Conversations With Friends!

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Joe and Taylor are a pretty private couple, so glimpses into their relo are few and far between.

Taylor did reveal that Joe helped write some of the songs on folklore and evermore during her Disney+ special Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions.

There were rumours that the couple were engaged back in December 2020 but Taylor shut those down by calling Joe her “boyfriend” during an interview.

Another rumour circulated that Joe had proposed to Taylor while they were at a restaurant in London in November 2021.

As a recent Swiftie convert though, I really feel like a restaurant proposal just isn’t Taylor’s style.

A wintery holiday in Cornwall with blustery winds, romantic walks along desolate beaches and cuddling in front of a fireplace? I mean, there’s basically an acoustic sequel to “London Boy” right there.

Neither Taylor Swift or Joe Alwyn have commented on the rumours, surprise surprise.

It would be really on-brand for Taylor to have a secret wedding IMO.

Then she’d probably drop a new album and a limited edition cardigan to celebrate with absolutely no warning, sending the Swifties into absolute orbit.

It’s been long enough since the “All Too Well” music video, I think we’re well due for some more Taylor Swift chaos.