Deuxmoi Spilt Some Spicy Tea About Dylan O’Brien Taking Selena Gomez On A Cute Date

Deuxmoi Spilt Some Spicy Tea About Dylan O'Brien Taking Selena Gomez On A Cute Date

Deuxmoi spilt some interesting tea about my husband Dylan O’Brien and singer Selena Gomez and the rumour mill is spinning faster than a copy of A Cinderella Story in a DVD player in 2004.

An anonymous tea spiller wrote to the gossip platform to say they saw Dylan O’Brien bowling with Selena Gomez in Brooklyn. A deeply unfortunate moment for fans of either celebrity. Unfortunately, I reckon the two of them would make a great couple. Maybe they’ll eventually need a third to spice things up? Dylan if you need me I’m HERE.

In response to this tea, Deuxmoi wrote “maybe he didn’t ghost her after all,” insinuating this isn’t the first time the two have interacted. Trust Deuxmoi to have all the behind-the-scenes gossip about every celeb alive.

There’s also a very good chance the two of them are just friends. We know very little about how the two even know each other.

Did Selena wander onto the set of Teen Wolf dressed as a full moon, sending O’Brien and the cast into a feral frenzy a la the tree scene in Prisoner of Azkaban?

Is Dylan O’Brien a secret stan of Gomez’s 2020 album Rare and desired a signed copy to sit next to his limited edition copy of the Wizards of Waverly Place compilation CD?

Maybe Gomez saw those incredibly horny pics O’Brien posted back in July and like any normal human with a pulse, became rabid for the man. I’m just spitting out ideas at this point.

The only real interaction the two currently-single celebs have is the time O’Brien tagged Gomez in a #MaskUp tweet back in 2020. But hey he also tagged Michelle Obama and I think she might be taken.

dylan o'brien selena gomez

It’s also worth noting that O’Brien was the star of Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” music video and Gomez is besties with Swift. Was Taylor the one who got the two together?

The duo have also left buildings holding hands if you want to take into account every photoshopped image of them. This must be a big day for the three people who really shipped O’Brien and Gomez without a shred of evidence they even knew each other.

I guess my dreams of being with Dylan O’Brien really aren’t going to come true, huh? Of course the wizard and the teen wolf end up happily ever after.