Tom Holland Posted A Pic With No Pants On & All Eight Of My Legs Are Open For Spiderman

Tom Holland Pantless Pic Instagram

Calling all girls, gays and theys: Tom Holland has posted a pic to his Instagram story sans pants. I would like to talk about it at length, because it is something that I was born to do, and I feel very passionately about it.

Whoever said horny content cannot exist on a Tuesday was dead wrong. Horny content can exist on all days of the week. Horniness is something that transcends the temporal bounds of calendar dates. From dusk till dawn we ride, steadfast upon our horny chariots.

Our destination for the day? Tom Holland’s house, in which he is wearing socks, AirPods, a shirt, a suit jacket and… that’s it. Yes, there is an absence of pants. Yes, it’s hot. And yes, he posted it himself, so I am simply doing the polite thing and looking, respectfully.

Have a look at the post below, which shows Holland, pantless, doing virtual press interviews. Sir, I am press. Where is my interview?

Tom Holland Thirst Post

I could do the typical thing and say that I’m just a hole, or say that I would literally risk it all to be that chair, but… actually, you know what, I will say those things. Tom Holland is hot AF and deserves all the attention we can give him. Like I’d even settle for being the carpet. The ring light. The door hinges. Anything.

Sure I have a boyfriend, and he is lovely, but if Tom Holland asked, I’d drop it all. In fact, my BF would probably encourage it.

Just in case you needed a reminder of how hot the man is, here’s a random post I plucked out. I could’ve picked any at all. But here you go, my future husband.

Holland was most likely doing press conferences for his upcoming film Cherry, or even Uncharted (where he fittingly plays the hot Nathan Drake).

Either way, there are two films with his face in them confirmed for the near future, and I will be there to support my man, with open arms, and open legs.

If you need me I am going to be replaying the Instagram story while it lasts, and pray that Holland hits me up whenever he’s in Sydney.