An Explainer On TikTok’s New Obsession Fully Conscious Baby If You’re Not Chronically Online

Okay, picture this. You’re scrolling mindlessly on TikTok when you stumble across a video of a little family. There’s a guy, with a diaper-wearing baby on his hip, alongside a young toddler. A woman off-camera can be heard asking them, “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” Without hesitation, both of the teeny-tiny children respond “me!!!” sticking their hands up in the air. It’s nothing too captivating… it’s hardly a news story… or IS it?

Since the clip was posted on May 17 by TikTok user Stephanie O’Brien, it’s racked up a whopping 30.5 million likes, setting the FYP ablaze with memes, opinions and takes — all because of the overtly conscious baby with an uncanny knowledge of what the Four Seasons Orlando is and some surprisingly excellent fine motor skills.

Still don’t get the hype? You can check it out below.

Now, since the vid was posted, the internet has become fixated on this tiny child who shouldn’t be old enough to comprehend what a hotel is, let alone understand the cultural capital of the fkn Four Seasons hotel chain.

“How does she know what the Four Seasons Orlando is? I don’t even know what it looks like,” commented one TikToker.

“How old is the old man baby?!,” wrote another, asking the big question I’m desperate to know.

“Thank you Mother, I would very much enjoy four seasons Orlando 👶☝️,” another commented.

“She had to shake her arm at the end to reinforce the illusion that she’s just an unaware baby,” wrote a TikTok user, while another quipped that the baby probably booked the trip on behalf of the family.

Within what felt like hours, my algorithm adapted to include countless edits of what is now being dubbed as “fully conscious baby”. Many of these have had me laugh out loud rather than just exhale air out my nose which is quite a feat.

But it doesn’t stop there! Online punters are questioning the brain power of this infant. Is this Boss Baby IRL? Are babies normally like this? Or, like icon Peach PRC questions in the video below, how come this baby seems more sophisticated than her older sibling?!?!?

Food for thought, food for tummies.

Hell, even Triple J sweet pea Abby Butler and comedian Will Gibb have jumped on the bandwagon. A+ content, team.

Anyway, I hope that helps answer why everyone is freaking out over a literal baby who is excited to go to a hotel.

And if the Four Seasons Orlando doesn’t give this goddamn conscious baby and their family a free trip for all the bonkers viral publicity it’s gained from this strange turn of events, I will be sending a stern email.

Long live fully conscious baby!!!!!!