Please stop whatever it is that you are doing and look at this cute little bub that babbles in sign language. It is truly the most beautiful thing ever, and really makes you stop and think about how intelligent babies really are.

TikTok account @oursignedworld, which is made up by a family of three, post content of their little bub Madison, who is a hearing baby with a deaf father (Zach) and hearing mother (Courtney). The content is incredibly positive and showcases that when babies are taught sign language from a young age, they will babble in ASL.

Of course, with Madison being a baby who was not born deaf, she also babbles in English, and even mixes between the two forms of communication as she tries to put her thoughts into words. I am truly in awe at the power of the bubs.

Check out one of the most impressive vids on the channel below, which showcases that Madison the bub has an understanding of ASL that helps her communicate when words escape her.


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It’s super wholesome content, and I am totally here for vids of little bbs trying to communicate with their little hands.

The fam has even made a little introduction for newcomers to the channel who may have questions about the family dynamics. It’s important for little bub Madison to be able to speak in both languages so that she can communicate with both parents.

Truly, I am here barely using one language and this amazing bub is learning two at once, and trying her best to talk with them.


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But the content doesn’t end there. On their TikTok page, the family trio also posts full conversations with their little bb, in which you can see the English babble and ASL babble in full effect.

Being able to switch between the two languages is probably a very hand tool for a baby that cannot quite put words together just yet, but is able to use their hands.


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Now if you don’t mind me, I’m off to continue babbling in one language, while this little TikTok bb babbles in two.

Image: TikTok/ @oursignedworld