An Aussie TikToker Went Viral For Sharing A Coles Delivery Fail That Left Her With A Single Bean

coles fail tiktok

A Queensland mum has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a hilarious Coles delivery fail which resulted in her receiving a single green bean for $1.65. Does anyone else fancy a single legume in these trying times?

TikTok user Samantha (@samanthaelle.x) shared to her followers that she and her hubby ordered 250 grams of green beans but instead received just a single solitary bean.

“We got one, just one bean,” she said.

“Who packed this? Who in their right mind buys one bean?”

Look, I know times are tough and the cost of living is through the roof but I would like just a few more beans than ONE thanks, Coles.

Inspired by Samantha’s vid, folks in the comments began to share their own disheartening tales of supermarket fuck-ups.

“Once they literally forgot to delivery HALF of my groceries. Like how? Why??” wrote one commenter.

“I always order 1kg pink lady apples from Woolies and every now and then someone just packs 1 apple,” wrote another.

“Omg I ordered decaf coffee pods. They didn’t have any apparently and replaced it with DOUBLE STRENGTH HAHAHAHA they’re having a laugh,” wrote a third.

These all sound way better than the time a brand I shall not name delivered me a live snail with my order. I named him Percival and although he was kinda cute he was not what I was expecting.

Speaking to Yahoo, a spokesperson from Coles apologised for the viral error, saying it was all down to human error.

“In this case, we can understand why the customer was disappointed as it’s hard to imagine anyone only ordering a single bean!” they said.

“While we hope this customer didn’t go hungry on her vegetables that day, we are glad to see she has a good sense of humour about what appears to be a human error on this isolated incident.

“Sometimes things don’t go to plan at an operational or supplier level and sometimes it’s as simple as a human error.”

Well, at least we can all laugh about it. Although, there isn’t much you can cook with a single bean, so I’m not sure I’d be too impressed.