The Parents Of TikTok’s Fully Conscious Baby Confirmed How Old Their Strangely Cognisant Bub Is

I have a question for everybody — who wants to find out what the deal is with the fully conscious baby going viral on TikTok? If you answered “meeeee”, you’ve come to the right place. The parents and aunt of the fully conscious baby have finally given us some info about their superior infant.

In an interview with Page Six, the parents of the fully conscious baby — whose name is actually Kate — revealed how the TikTok video came to be.

Kate’s mum Bailey Wise told the outlet that they filmed the cute video to inspire her parents to tag along on a weekend away at the Four Seasons Orlando because as far as she’s concerned, having the parents there makes life a whole lot easier for the young family. After Bailey sent the clip of her husband Will and her two kids to her mum, who then forwarded it to her sister Stephanie O’Brien.

Stephanie thought it was a hoot, and ended up sharing the video on TikTok for the world to see which is how the internet got its silly little mitts on it. To them, it’s mind-boggling that the video has more than 43 million views.

The best bit is that when Stephanie posted the hilarious vid to TikTok, she didn’t tell Bailey or Will. They found out through someone else who had stumbled across the videos as they climbed to mega-viral success.

“We don’t post much on social media,” Bailey explained to Rolling Stone.

“My husband came downstairs Saturday morning saying, ‘I just got a text. Did you know we’re viral and trending?’ It was a whirlwind. First, it was a couple thousand, then a couple million views. And it’s just been out of control the last 24, 48 hours.”

But thankfully, all the worldwide exposure isn’t going to little baby Kate’s head just yet.

“It’s funny to see someone totally oblivious to their meteoric rise in popularity,” Will quipped.

Origin story aside, let’s get to the questions we all want to know. How old is this goddamn baby and how are her fine motor skills so damn good?

According to her parents, she’s not a toddler who happens to be bald, as many suspected online. She’s just a fast learner who potentially has memories of the Four Seasons Orlando.

“She’s a little over a year old, she’s going to be 13 months next week,” her father Will said.

“She’s been to the Four Seasons Orlando before, so we were hoping she was maybe drawing on memory and hearing us say it. We’ll never know for sure.”

“Honestly, I believe she knew what we were talking about,” Bailey chimed in.

Since the video popped off, Bailey and Will say they’ve tried to test it to see if Kate will always respond with her signature “Meeee”.

“We’ve re-tested it back out and will she say ‘me’ every time you ask her — for any question for that matter — and she doesn’t always say it,” Bailey admits.

“You can tell she’s got her own opinions even though she’s one. Her personality has always shone through since she was born and it’s been fun watching it come to light as she’s become more verbal.”

As for her incredibly succinct point? Apparently, it’s just classic Kate being Kate.

“She’s walking, she’s very attentive. She points at things and has been doing that for a while so that’s one of the first ways she’s communicated from before she was more clearly verbal so that’s very signature Kate. It was probably one of her first signs of communication.”

Although the internet can be a bit of a rough place sometimes, the family have loved watching the response to their little one and has admitted to having a pretty solid giggle while scrolling through the comments.

As for their favourite meme involving their daughter? The personified voice ones. Same, guys, same.

The Four Seasons Orlando are pretty chuffed by their teeny-tiny social media ambassador too!

“Our Orlando property has seen a healthy increase in engagement and growth on their social channels and we have our smallest fan to thank!” a spokesperson told Rolling Stone.

Now we just have to wait for Kate to waltz elegantly on into the Four Seasons Orlando for the next viral explosion. Now THAT will be a doozy.