Katy Perry Just Did A Gender Reveal, So Prepare For Your Ovaries To Fucking Explode

katy perry gender reveal

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are having a baby girl and my ovaries have just exploded into a million tiny pieces.

In case you missed it, Katy Perry and her fiance Orlando Bloom (aka the biggest relationship glow up of all time) are expecting their first child together, and we now know it’s going to be a genetically-blessed baby girl.

Hold on to your ovaries because this picture is about to make you want to have precisely 400 babies with Orlando Bloom (sorry, Katy).

“It’s a girl,” Katy captioned the announcement on Instagram alongside a picture of a smiley Orlando Bloom covered in what looks like pink shaving cream.

As expected, the internet went wild over the news with more than 730,000 likes and nearly 20,000 comments within an hour of the post going live. The people, they simply cannot get enough of Orlando Bloom’s dreamy face.

The reveal comes after Katy Perry told fans at International Women’s Day in Melbourne that she was hoping for a girl. So, I guess dreams really do come true.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source close to Katy says she’s excited for the journey ahead and is dedicated to making the best choices for her child.

“Katy’s priority has always been a lifetime partner and building a family and future together. That’s why she hasn’t rushed to the altar,” the source said. “She has wanted this for so long and just wants to do it right. She’s been eating a clean diet, exercising and reading everything she can about her growing baby and how to make the best choices for her body and the baby.”

While the baby is Katy’s first, she will also be welcomed by Bloom’s 9-year-old son Flynn, whom he shares with supermodel ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

The couple have already had to postpone their Japan wedding amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but thankfully they’ve at least got an adorable baby girl to be excited about during self-isolation.