Please Stop What You’re Doing And Look At The Cat In Bachie Thomas’ New Instagram Post

Instagram photo from Bachelor contestant Thomas Malucelli

Remember Thomas Malucelli from The Bachelors? The silver fox who planned a group date on some freezing hillside in Queensland where everyone had to stare into each other’s eyes for hours while their yoni eggs pulsated in ecstasy?

Well, he’s gone and shared a paid post to Instagram which, on first glance, appears normal.

“A picnic with the fam and our feline companion: Because life is too short to drink bad wine and have boring adventures! Am I right? The wine we’re drinking is the Cat Amongst The Pigeons Riesling. It’s great! A beautiful drop. Went so well with seafood! Highly recommended,” Thomas captioned the post, which is a paid partnership with winemaker Cat Amongst The Pigeons.

Image credit: Instagram / @thomasmalucelli

But let’s take a closer look at the feline companion, shall we?

BLINK TWICE FOR MORE FANCY FEAST. Image credit: Instagram / @thomasmalucelli

Is he adorable? Yes. Do I need to hold him like I would a wee babe, rocking him gently back and forth in my arms, while I give him lots of kisses on his widdle nose? Absolutely. But does it look like he’s seen manmade horrors beyond his comprehension? You bet your bottom dollar.

BLINK, I TELL YOU!! BLINK!!!!! Image credit: Instagram / @thomasmalucelli

I’m obsessed. That’s one great cat, my friends. He absolutely looks like me when I’ve had a few too many vinos on a first date and I’m staring blankly at the poor bloke, praying that if I look *really* mesmerised, my brain will suddenly absorb everything he’s been yapping on about. He’s even leaning ever so slightly — a real pissy Isabella Corbett special, if you ask me.

I simply won’t rest until I know what he was looking at outside of the frame. Was it that new wax sculpture of Harry Styles? Did tonnes and tonnes of cat food fall out of a truck, scattering beef and gravy all over the road? Maybe we’ll never know.

According to a lil’ tag from ol’ mate Thomas, the deeply astonished kitty’s name is Eros. He has his own Instagram page, where you can find many a photo of him looking ludicrously adorable.

Many thanks to Eros’ mummy Ieva Guogyte and, according to his IG bio, his “cool uncle” Thomas for their services.