Why ‘The Other Guy’ Is The Most Legit TV Show About Aussie Millennials

The TV landscape is littered with series about American millennials but when it comes to Aussies, there wasn’t really many options until our mate Matt Okine teamed up with Stan to create The Other Guy.

The much-loved comedy series gives viewers a crude but accurate look into the lives of 20 – 30-year-old Australians, highlighting everything from friendships to living in dingy sharehouses.

With the second season of the Stan Original Series now streaming, we’ve made the case for why it’s the most legit show about Aussie millennials.

Sharehouse life

One of the most pivotal times in any Aussie millennial’s life is the inevitable period where they live in a dingy sharehouse with one or more people.

Since the real estate market is absolutely cooked, most folks find themselves living with someone at one point or another and even if said person is a mate, there’s always an element of unpleasantness that goes along with it.

Following lead character AJ’s (Okine) breakup, his best friend Stevie (Harriet Dyer) invites herself to move in with him (I, too, have had this happen to me so that part of the story rings v. true).

While Stevie is a legend and a huge help to AJ after his painful split, she can also be a royal pain in the ass, as can most housemates.

Stevie’s incessant partying can often be a burden on the household, including the hilarious moment above when she crawls into AJ’s room and reveals that she chundered in a bag of chips (ew).

But in spite of her flaws, the bestmates / roommates always have a ball together, which is in keeping with the true spirit of the sharehouse life.


I think one of my favourite things about us Aussies is our sense of mateship and this is reflected in the series via AJ and Stevie.

The unlikely mates just love to zing each other, but they are also fiercely loyal and protective.

One of the most poignant scenes is when Stevie warns AJ’s new lover that if she breaks his heart, there’ll be trouble.

“What are your intentions with my boy?” She says. “Don’t hurt him. I will kick you so hard in the box.”

Now that’s friendship.

Realistic pad

Some of the biggest qualms that people have with TV shows like Friends is how bloody unrealistic the living situation is (how the HELL did Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) afford an apartment by herself on a masseuse / cafe busker’s coin?).

The Other Guy, however, gives a very accurate depiction of the kind of home Aussie millennials can afford.

Who gave them permission to film in my bedroom?

AJ doesn’t live in a gorgeous penthouse with exxy furniture and perfectly tidy rooms, he lives in a humble pad, complete with piles and piles of clothes and other items, as seen above.

The series is filmed in Sydney so Sydneysiders will also recognise a bunch of locations which makes the show all the more relatable.

Bloody Stevie

Every single Aussie millennial has a Stevie in their life (and if you don’t, then it probably means you are the Stevie).

Her combination of confidence and self-deprecation plus her loyalty to her friends is pure Aussie and ya gotta love her for it.

She drinks, she smokes, she takes the piss out of her mates but she’s also always there for them whenever they’re in a pickle.

Yep, Stevie is the quintessential Aussie millennial that we all have, nay, need in our lives.

Still not convinced? Catch the sick trailer below and prepare for a whole lotta laughs.

The brand new season of the Stan Original Series The Other Guy is now streaming, only on Stan – Australia’s unrivalled home of original productions.