Matt Okine Will Try To Make Americans Laugh As Hulu Picks Up ‘The Other Guy’

Matt Okine The Other Guy Stan Hulu Super Channel

Aussie comedian Matt Okine might be the next fair dinkum bloke to make it big in North America, with his Stan Original Series The Other Guy set to air in the US and Canada.

Yep, millions of people could potentially see the former Triple J breakfast host’s bare butt.

Stan reps confirmed that Australian production company Entertainment One had licensed the first season of the comedy-drama to US streaming giant Hulu and Canada’s Super Channel, with the series set to premiere in the US on June 28 and Canada on August 13.

Stan’s chief content officer Nick Forward said he was “thrilled” about the news, adding that: “[we’re] extremely proud of what Matt and the team achieved with the first season.”

Okine himself was quite obviously chuffed as well, tweeting:

If you haven’t watched yet, the based-loosely-on-Okine’s-life show, written by Okine and comedian Becky Lucas,  follows the adventures of AJ, a successful radio host who finds himself very suddenly single when his long-term partner cheats on him with his best mate.

It also features Harriet Dyer, Valene Kane, Christiaan Van Vuuren and of course a memorable appearance by Briggs. Let’s just hope the Yanks understand the ~nuanced Aussie humour~, which doesn’t always translate.

In good news for Aussie fans of the show, Season 2 of the 6-part series is currently in development, so there’s plenty more where that came from.