The Ol’ Ratdog Returned To Triple J & Immediately Dropped ‘Sandstorm’

Old habits die hard, and the Ratdog will always be the Ratdog. Alex Dyson has been officially back on the schedule at Triple J for about 4 hours, and he’s already winding the clock back to his Breakfast antics.

Dyson’s stepping back behind the mic at the station temporarily, taking on a fill-in gig in the Lunch slot while regular host Gen Fricker covers Veronica Milsom‘s maternity leave, as you’re all probably aware by now.

As the clock struck 10am and Dyson’s first shift in almost exactly twelve months commenced, he at first admitted he was “a little rusty on my lonesome,” referring to the fact that partner-in-crime Matt Okine was not there alongside him.

Then, as is Ratdog tradition, he piped in approximately two unmistakable seconds of Darude‘s forever-hit ‘Sandstorm.’

The punters picked up on it immediately, and the Triple J textline lit up like a Christmas tree.

For what it’s worth, Dyson called his Sandstorm shot on Instagram yesterday, asking for requests from the punters.

Because no matter how far or how long he roams, the Ratdog will always, always, always be the Ratdog.

Dyson’s taking up the Summer Lunch slot throughout the hot months before the regular Lunch shift resumes next year.

Strap in, mates. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Now if we can get Crumb to drop in for a day or two here and there we’ll really be cooking with gas.