We’re All Going To Be OK, Because Josh Thomas Has A New Comedy In The Works

While we’re all reeling from the axing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this morning, a quite little morsel of news has slid under the radar. Aussie comedy gun Josh Thomas – the talent behind Please Like Me, aka one of the best shows ever to exist – has a new comedy in the works.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Freeform has given Josh a pilot order for his half-hour comedy show Everything’s Going To Be Okay. Josh has written and directed it, and will also star in the show – similar to how Please Like Me worked.

The comedy is about a 25 year old, Nicholas, who lives at home with his single dad and two teen half sisters. Nicholas sounds like a bit of a lazy shit – the description of the show says he’s not particularly helpful with raising his sisters, one of who has autism – but when his father becomes terminally ill it’s on Nicholas to hold the family together.

Doesn’t exactly sound like much of a laugh-fest, but as we’ve seen with Please Like Me, which dealt with serious issues like mental illness, suicide and coming out and still managed to wreck you emotionally while making you laugh hysterically, Josh knows how to walk the line between drama and comedy REAL well.

Here’s hoping the pilot is picked up for a full series. Also, can John co-star again? ALL I WANT IS JOHN THE DOG BACK ON TV, JOSH.