Bloody Hell, Yes: Yr Fave Local Larrikins The Inspired Unemployed Are Getting Their Own TV Show

Your fave local larrikins The Inspired Unemployed are set to host a show on Paramount, marking their long-awaited telly debut.

Tradies-turned-internet superstars Jack Steele and Matt Ford will host the eight-part series, produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia.

There aren’t many deets on what the show will involve, but here’s what Jack and Matt had to say about it in a joint statement via Paramount’s presser:

“We are so stoked to be working with Paramount ANZ on this TV show, from the first video we ever made our goal was to always have a TV show and for it to actually be happening is a dream come true.

“We’ve always believed that laughter is the best medicine, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to spread joy and positivity to even more people through this platform.”

This sleek shot of The Inspired Unemployed is the only spot of tea we’ve got about the new show. (Credit: Paramount)

Since the inception of The Inspired Unemployed, the lads have amassed 3.8 million followers across social media.

Their hilarious skits and dancing vids often have us in stitches and their empire keeps on growing.

They’ve been the faces of multiple ‘yuge brand campaigns including Swisse and The Iconic and even fronted the cover of GQ magazine last year.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Jack said their vids were essentially a hobby that became a full-time gig.

“It was like a side hustle that’s fallen into a proper career,” he said.

“You’ve just got to fail a heap, that’s how we got good – just by being shit.”

When we spoke to them in 2020, they teased that a television series could be in the works.

“We’ve had little talks with different production companies [about a TV project]”, Matt said.

Jack added that there were no solid plans at the time, but they remained hopeful.

“But that would be the kind of goal,” Ford said.

Well we’re bloody thrilled it panned out for them. Keen AF for what’s sure to be an absolute cracker of a show!