The Inspired Unemployed Have Released A Fragrance Finally Cementing Their Foray Into Celebrity

Australia’s most beloved online silly boys The Inspired Unemployed have truly stepped into their celebrity power by releasing their very own fragrance. My nostrils can’t fucking wait to inhale whatever the fuck that’s going to smell like.

The fellas have finally joined the ranks of Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and Rihanna by releasing the very fancy fragrance INSPIRÉ by No. EMPLOI.

But the best bit? All of the sales from the fragrance release go directly to charity.

While the fellas haven’t confirmed which charity, they’ve promised to release more details about where the cashola will be headed soon.

To celebrate the launch, the professional jokers have made a cheeky little video that features Matt “Falcon” Ford and Jack Steele wafting around sensually on a beach, posing on black and white film, and getting tangled up in bedsheets, as do many stars of perfume campaigns.

Falcon has taken to IG to claim that the scene with the horse was “definitely AI” and that he “definitely didn’t ride my mum’s horse bareback in front of her and a full production crew naked on the beach for two hours in the cold”.

But after watching their series The Inspired Unemployed Impractical Jokers, I feel like Falcs has no qualms about getting his kit off.

According to the product website, the scent aims to capture the “playful, adventurous and mischievous spirit” of the fellas with top notes of pink pepper, apple leaf and mandarin zest. I have no idea what I was expecting but those delicious notes certainly weren’t it.

So if you want to smell like two of Australia’s favourite larrikins while supporting people in need, you can purchase INSPIRÉ by NO.EMPLOI from the Chemist Warehouse website or in-store while stocks last.