What It’s Like Having Omicron, As Told By Inspired Unemployed In A Brutal Series Of IG Stories

Loads of folks have been struck down with the rona, including ya bois The Inspired Unemployed.

The lads have become the Omicron spokespeople that we didn’t know we needed and they’ve been documenting their COVID journey on Instagram.

“Day 4 of Omicron,” they wrote in their first IG Story announcing they’d been hit with the new variant.

“Yep, that’s right. We have finally caught the russ. #notajoke #thecronhouse #chrissy present.”

Their poor faces say it all, don’t they?

Poor buggers!

From then on we have a various assortment of piccies of the blokes and their housemate lying in bed, clearly on struggle street.

For those of us who also have the russ, as they’ve called it, these pics will be all too familiar to ya:

This next one is a little more than I wanted to see, but look, the boys are nothing if not oversharers and we love them for it.

“Also a quick visit to the bowl…” the refreshingly unglamorous blokes captioned this next pic:

A mere hour after he was spotted befriending the toot bowl, he appears to have regained his appetite and here he is having a feed.

“It’s all happening in the cronhouse,” the video was captioned, showing one bloke eating takeaway while another one lays on the floor in agony.

When it was finally time for rest, the bois dove into bed with their face masks on (???) and wrote, “Lights out at the clinic, wish us luck.”

I’m no medical professional, but I feel like sleeping with your mask on is a big no-no. But again, what do I know?

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the next day, one of them has appeared to have copped conjunctivitis, which is another cursed Chrissy gift, innit?

If you haven’t already, head on over and chuck the boys a follow to join them on their journey.