The Veronicas To Release Untouched, A Cruelty-Free, Non-Binary Fragrance & I Want It So Much

Looking for a fragrance to make you go ooh ooh and your loved ones go aah aah?

Perhaps something that’ll make your crush want you so much that they just can’t resist you?

Well mates, look no further than our very own musical goddesses, The Veronicas, as they’re releasing their first-ever fragrance called, wait for it, UNTOUCHED, obvs referring to their iconic, violin-heavy banger.

On Instagram, the gals described the scent as “a signature, cruelty free, gender non binary fragrance with warm notes of Amber + Sandalwood, with the lightness and sweet depths of waterlily.”

Adding, “The gentle spike and sensuality will have you feeling like your own secret weapon.

“This Fragrance was inspired by our favourite meditation oils, used to recharge and empower the wearer. When we step on stage we feel completely free to be ourselves. We wanted this scent to embody that sense of freedom for anyone who wears it. When people sing along to untouched at our shows they are completely immersed in feeling that moment.”

They concluded, “A symbol of power, protection & self love.”

It’s available for pre-sale RN exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.