The Inspired Unemployed Did A Piss-Take Of Chaotic Docu-Soap Byron Baes & It’s *Chef’s Kiss*

Inspired Unemployed

The Inspired Unemployed have created a stunning piss-take of the chaotic reality show Byron Baes and TBH I’d rather watch their version.

The boys behind, or do I dare say, the inspiration behind the Inspired Unemployed Matt Ford and Jack Steele shared the spoof on their Instagram.

In the clip, the boys introduce us to characters Surfer James from Dubbo, Influencer Stacey, TikTokers Matt & Jack, Indi Saphire Silk and the Horse Co-founder and Kevin Lead PT at F45.

The best part is that I’ve seen characters like that regularly pop up on my explore page. These influencers are living among us *cue suspenseful music*.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, a new reality show is coming to Netflix called Byron Baes. For a show that hasn’t even begun, it’s already been met with a slew of controversies.

Earlier this month, musician Billy Otto revealed that he was approached by Byron Baes to feature on the show, but turned it down.

“I was asked from a media representative that there was a new show being filmed about interesting people living in Byron Bay,” Otto said.

“And I (like a copious amount of my friends in Byron) was asked if I was interested. They told me they loved my story, that they loved how I talked about men’s mental health & vulnerability. And they even said they loved my music!”

“I began to understand later the true nature of the program, and it became clear to me that I didn’t align with the ethos of the show.

“I don’t consider myself a Byron local, I don’t consider myself a “hot Instagrammer”, and I don’t believe that the world needs a show like this right now.”

Yeah, look I think I’ll stick to watching the one minute Inspired Unemployed version.