OOFT: Jimmy Sends A Girl Home After A Huge ‘Argument’ In First Official Bachie Trailer

The Bachelor first official trailer

The first official The Bachelor trailer is FINALLY here to give us a glimpse of what’s coming – and it looks like there is some major dog c*nt level drama this season, with one contestant even getting booted from the mansion.

The new trailer begins in the classic fashion – lots of sexy shots of our pilot Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson, girls fawning over him, jet skis, etc etc. But it quickly moves into the (much anticipated) messy binch drama that it knows we are actually here for.

Of course, the drama is called “turbulence”, because this show cannot stop making fucking pilot references. But, I will persevere, because the scenes that come next are straight out of Matt Agnewsdog c*nt drama from The Bachelor 2019.

bachie trailer
The reactions these ladies have is 10/10 content. Image: Ten

It seems that Jimmy gets into an argument with one of the ladies, and then promptly yet politely yeets her from the mansion – in the middle of a cocktail party.

bachie trailer
Yet another TV worthy gasp, we love to see it. Image: Ten

There’s tears, tears and more tears (lots of crying this season it seems), punctuated with girls expressing how fucked whatever happened was.

“What just happened??” A shocked lass cries.

“It’s brutal,” another says.

“This is just so hard.”

A woman we haven’t been introduced to yet, but who is giving me serious Monique Morley vibes, cries while saying: “This is actually so fucked, I don’t even want to be here right now.”

WTF HAPPENS. I NEED TO KNOW. Is this dogc*nt again???? or worse???

The Bachelor trailer
One of 67 women crying in this two minute trailer. Image: Ten

Once the trailer has us sufficiently invested in drama that we have zero information about, it then gets all gooey and romantic again. There is lots of kissing, and oof…. the way Jimmy grabs the back of these girls’ necks when he kisses them… either this is steamy as fuck or I’ve been in lockdown for way too long.

Anyway, then we just keep seeing more and more kissing, and now I’m starting to think he kisses every single woman on this show. Which seems to have been a trend these last two seasons of The Bachelor.

We also hear a lot of contestants saying “I love you” which doesn’t surprise me because Jimmy seems extremely loveable and it’s possible I also love him.

The Bachelor is set to premiere on Wednesday, 21 July on Channel 10. You can watch the full chaotic trailer below.