Channel 10 has dropped yet another sneak peek at The Bachelor 2021, allowing us to get to know new Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson a little bit better.

We are t-minus ??? until The Bachelor premieres on Channel 10 this year, but I like to think an introduction video means we’re getting closeLike, REALLY BLOODY CLOSE. Surely! I love MasterChef and how wholesome it is, but I need some DRAMA in my life that isn’t constant lockdown news.

Jimmy’s introduction video has everything you would expect – I’m talking the handsome fella in action on a plane, happy shots with his family, and the pilot looking hopeful as he chats about finding love on The Bachelor. It’s the whole kit and caboodle.

So, how does Jimmy feel about being the new Bachelor?

“I am feeling a mixture of excitement and absolute terror,” he said in the promo. “It’s a really strange feeling to think I might be seconds away from meeting the person I spend the rest of my life with.”

Excitement and terror sounds about right, I reckon.

Jimmy said he’s super “methodical” when it comes to his professional life. He loves following checklists and manuals, but ~ love ~ isn’t like that. Insert cheesy laugh here.

He’s also really, really close to his family.

“I’ve got a really close family,” Jimmy said. “My parents are madly in love and that’s exactly what I want.”

As an aside, Jimmy’s parents have a really nice house on the beach, bloody hell.


“I want someone that I’d be proud to bring home to meet my family,” he continued. “Their opinion means everything to me.”

That may or may not foreshadow some drama, re: the Meet The Parents episode. Stay tuned.

We also copped some shots of Jimmy in the Bachelor mansion, including a couple of the women. We didn’t get a look at their faces, but it’s only a matter of time.

Have at it.

Channel 10 hasn’t unleashed an official premiere date for Jimmy’s season of The Bachelor just yet, but we reckon we’ve made a pretty solid guesstimate as to when it will be. Check out our deep dive investigation right HERE.

Image: Network 10