Thousands Of Fans Have Signed A Petition For G Flip To Perform At Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

After sending Swifties into a frenzy and gaining recognition from Taylor Swift through their legendary rendition of “Cruel Summer”, thousands of fans have called for G Flip to perform at the Eras Tour through an online petition — which was started by their mum. How fkn sweet!

ICYMI: last week G Flip joined Triple J for its iconic “Like A Version” segment and performed Taylor Swift’s hit song “Cruel Summer”.

The raspy voice. The strings. The god-like drumming skills. It’s just everything.

Soon after the performance was shared on social media, Swifties worldwide fawned over the cover, with some folks labelling it as “fucking sensational”, “epic” and “stellar”.

(Image source: YouTube / Triple J)

And to their surprise, G Flip also copped some love from T-Swizzle, as the OG “Cruel Summer” singer liked their “Like A Version” post on Instagram.

“Thank you so much Taylor for liking it,” they began in an IG Story thanking Taylor Swift for the seal of approval.

“Obviously, ‘Cruel Summer’ is one of the best pop songs written of all time … thank you for everyone for getting around the song.

“I really thought it was gonna get a lot of hate.”

Days after the cover popped off, G Flip revealed that their mother started an online petition that’ll ~hopefully~ get the drumming icon a spot to open for Taylor Swift during the Aussie leg of the Eras Tour.

“This is the cutest thing ever,” they said.

At the time of filming the TikTok, the petition was visibly sitting at 123 signatures. It has since blown up to more than 16k supporters — and it’s continuing to grow as of writing.

Kris Jenner… I think you’ve got some momager competition on your hands.

A number of the submissions to the petition are begging for the “Style” singer to share the Eras Tour stage with G Flip, whereas others want both G Flip and Sabrina Carpenter — the supporting act booked for the Aussie tour — to perform.

(Image source: iPetitions)

Regardless if they cop a spot on the Eras Tour stage or not, I’m just happy they blessed us with this cover. My Spotify Wrapped is off to a good start with this version of “Cruel Summer”.

I’m currently frothing another G Flip take on a T-Swizzle track… Perhaps “Our Song” if they’re taking requests?