‘Football Fans’ Slammed For Reportedly ‘Booing’ Swifties At Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour In Melb

A bunch of Swifites who attended night two of Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour have took to social media to blast a group of people who allegedly mocked concertgoers at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Over the weekend, Melbourne was met with two different audiences. One-half of the crowd was there to witness the highly-anticipated Eras Tour, and the other was there to enjoy a high-energy A-League match. Specifically the Melbourne Derby which ended in a nil-all result between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory.

As the two worlds collided, a number of people reportedly mocked Swifties who were at the MCG to support their fave country-pop gal. It is not confirmed if the punters who were making fun of the Swifties were from the football, however, multiple fans on TikTok have claimed the alleged booing was coming from folks who were leaving the derby.

Jenna Barolsky (@jennabarolsky) went viral for capturing the moment where a bunch of hooligans began to mock Swifties as they chanted the superstar’s name. In the video, Jenna wrote: “Football fans swarming Taylor’s concert in Melbourne to boo her.”

“What the fuck. You guys are such losers, why are you here? This is embarrassing,” the Swiftie clapped back in the video.

In the caption of the TikTok — which has garnered more than 64K views — Jenna claimed that police had “to come and get rid” of the alleged football fans during the Taylor Swift chant.

Since posting the TikTok, Barolsky has received a tonne of comments, with some Swifties labelling the behaviour as “toxic masculinity”.

“Guys on my train into Taylor were subtly having a go. I got up them [sic] for going to cheer on their little sports teams, in the exact same way we were going to cheer on Taylor. Toxic masculinity,” one person wrote.

“Alexa, play ‘The Man’,” commented another fellow Swiftie.

“These poor little men. They are so scared of a woman’s powers that they decided embarrassing themselves was the way to go,” wrote a third.

Another TikToker named Grace (@gracescu) also caught some of the alleged football fans on camera, slamming them for their “bad vibes”.

Although there were some supportive comments, like the ones under Jenna’s video, Grace seemed to cop a lot of TikTokers who were in support of the alleged football fans.

Look, I’m not the biggest T-Swizzle fan (SZA Grammys snub got me heated) but it’s honestly so disheartening to see a bunch of people be grotty to other people — a majority of them being women and children — who are indulging in harmless fun.

If they are fans coming from the football, I believe booing random crowds who aren’t even there for the game is Bozo behaviour. I understand being fully energised and hyped up after an explosive derby match but to take it out on Swifties is so… random? And cruel?

I wish we could all just get along and bake cookies with rainbows in them. Would be nice, innit?