Taylor Swift’s Iconic Eras Tour Wristbands Raise Concern Over Their Potentially Lethal Batteries

In concerning news for the hundreds of thousands of Aussie fans who have and will attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, as a health and safety warning will be distributed in regards to the batteries used in Swift’s iconic tour wristbands.

Now I’m not well versed in Swift-lore, but if the testimony of my teenage sister is to be trusted then Taylor Swift’s show wristbands are practically 90% of why you attend one of her shows.

No doubt that by now you’ll have seen footage of stadiums packed with Swifties all lighting up in unison to create displays of light and colour in sync with Taylor’s act. It’s something quite special for the atmosphere of Swift’s shows, and is utilised by other acts too.

@cleoabram Replying to @there_their_theyre @taylorswift is using some cool tech at her Eras tour… her wristbands display beautiful designs, using technology similar to infrared remotes and some satellites. here’s how it works. #taylorswift #erastour #music #askcleo ♬ original sound – Cleo Abram

However in bad news for the 500,000+ attendees to the Australian leg of the Eras Tour, as it was revealed by the ABC that the batteries used in the wristbands do not meet the safety standard required by batteries in Australia.

The Australian Government has regulated that the “mandatory safety standard for button batteries themselves requires child-resistant packaging for all lithium button batteries, and button batteries.” This regulation comes after the deaths of children who swallowed button batteries.

The Eras Tour wristbands contain two of these button batteries, however the packaging of the product does not highlight this anywhere.

Allison Burns, whose 14-month-old child passed away after consuming a button battery, shared with the ABC that the wristbands also had “no medical information for the parents or the attendees”.

The potentially hazardous batteries are encased firmly within the wristband themselves, and are not easily accessible to children. However in order to comply with the Australian regulations regarding the batteries, there must be a warning on the packaging.

As a result of this, Frontier Touring who are in charge of the historic set of shows have had to make changes to how the batteries are packaged for the upcoming Sydney shows to include a warning AS WELL AS child-proof packaging.

Additionally the hundreds of thousands of Melbourne Eras attendees will be contacted by Frontier Touring to warn them that the wristbands contain button batteries.

Frontier Touring shared that it is “in contact with the relevant authorities, which are satisfied with the action being taken” with those authorities being the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

“All businesses, including manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, involved in the supply chain for button batteries – or products powered by them – must comply with the mandatory button battery safety and information standards,” said the ACCC as per ABC.

On Friday, just before Taylor Swift took to the stage in Sydney, the communication was sent out to those who went to the Melbourne shows.

“For those who took their LED wristbands home as a souvenir, the wristbands contain button batteries and should be kept out of reach of children, given button batteries are hazardous and can cause severe of fatal injuries in two hours or less if swallowed,” read the communication.

“Medical attention should be sought immediately if it is suspected the battery has been swallowed. Please dispose of any wristband carefully.”

This communication has satisfied the requirements, and no further complaint will be pursued.